Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where The Rainbow Ends - Richard Rive

There's going to be a place, brother,
Where the world can sing all sorts of songs,
And we're going to sing together, brother,
You and I, though you're white, and I'm not.
It's going to be a sad song, brother,
Because we don't know the tune,
And it's a difficult tune to learn.
But we can learn, brother, you and I.
There's no such tune as a black tune.
There's no such tune as a white tune.
There's only music, brother,
And it's music we're going to sing
Where the rainbow ends.


Anonymous said...

This poem makes me remember me my school dys. I liked this poem so much then and still is good one

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was looking for another Richard Rive poem. But I think I needed to read this. I'm putting it on my title page of my PhD.

Anonymous said...

I need the summary of poem